Inner Wounds, Cyanotype print on plasters, 70x50 cm 2011

Bandaged expressions using in a variety to depict human figures, here series of photographs between the format and the content that become dependent.Figures were obtained on the photographic image with a variety of speculative fiction and the model covered with plaster and Band-aid.This photographic image was prepared as a negative for Cyanotype which is an old photographic printing technique.The series, cyanotype technique applied on a plaster surface which is simple but complex in detail, take the viewer to a different world of the figure that is far, lonely and painful.Plaster is a symbol empowers the message in the existence of an inner wound.

Perhaps it is a reaction, a reproach to the current system of present life; staying away from the pain and buzzing, getting bored of the daily struggle, the desire to establish a new world behind the plaster denying the existing life and a silent scream. This plaster being walled between inner world and outer world onto society and the figure, is seen as a safe haven. Pain, cries is experienced and hidden behind the wall and the plaster. The covered sense organs of the figure in the series based on not to see with the same eyes, not to hear the same sound and not to smell the same smell of  the world that the figure lives. Heading to simple and using a single figure on the complex plaster plain explain the meaning of being alone and solitude şn the middle of the dynamic crowd.Partial disruption of the anatomy of the figure highlights the abnormalities caused by the inner wounds.The plaster that covers all the figures as a skin and to become introverted as a result of inner wounds are described as the process of being treated.Wound healing struggle is the process of being treated.