What Do They Clean For, Cyanotype Print on Dishcloth, Sponge 70x90 cm. 2014

After preparing negatives, the models that reconstructed in digital platform in this work has printed on dishcloth with cyanotype printing technique. The photographs, symbolizing various classes of the models, were assembled on a surface with dishcloth and sponges.In today’s world wiping out has been simplified so that work is combined with a simple object such as dishcloth and sponge.

We could see, something we know, even we see but we do not feel, the wiped out that somewhere else away, the removed thing which actually was we are, full and empty (was there but was cleaned), in the images.It’s required with these concepts such soldier, belief, economic system and culture over the various models, staying alive in the war of clean and dirty, to bring back to our minds.It’s asked to direct our minds to whom and what is done, who, why and how questions with this cleaning (concept of getting rid of dirt) in the system that is cleared by wiping out.